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The University of California Cooperative Extension in San Diego County in collaboration with the California Farm Labor Contractor Association, Zenith Insurance and Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards invite to join us for the “Challenges and Strategies in Agricultural Labor Management” Seminar and the “Management and Supervision of Personnel for Agricultural Operations” Workshop (in Spanish) at Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards in Temecula, CA on February 1-2, 2017. learn more & register here The University of California Small Farm Program and UC Cooperative Extension advisors in four California regions are working with local partners to organize Regional Agritourism Summits for everyone involved in California agritourism.

The Summits will be occasions for farmers, ranchers, county planners, the tourism community and others involved to share, learn, and plan together.

There are as many as 20,000 street vendors in New York City — hot dog vendors, flower vendors, t-shirt vendors, street artists, fancy food trucks, and many others.

Summits will be held in Davis, Petaluma, Modesto and Riverside.We publish reports and file lawsuits to raise public awareness about vendors and the enormous contribution they make to our city.


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