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XSIBACKUP-FREE, basically works with ESXi 6.5.0, nevertheless, if you try to switch on "in place" a VM backed up with XSIBACKUP-FREE to an ESXi 6.5.0 host, the client will crash in an ugly and uncontrolled way.

There is a contact form on the VMware Labs page there.

It's an ESXi bug, just read this for more details and a simple workaround.

Please, remember to take on account the most important facts when running a Windows Server OS.

We’re supposing that we’ll find the finished product in v Sphere 6.5, but we’re not sure about that.

Some news about the future release of v Sphere are known already but nothing is sure just yet.Chat with online girls using web camera cam2cam chat with girls and boys No singup No Nick registration join make friends.


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