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According to the FBI and law enforcement officials, the program has been sold and distributed to "thousands" of people in more than 100 countries since 2010, affecting some 700,000 victims.Here's why you might want to update your anti-virus software, or, if you're prone to dancing around your room naked, at least put a piece of tape over your webcam. Blackshades is the name of an organization allegedly owned by a Swedish 24-year-old named Alex Yücel.While the sale of Blackshades software, whose main website has now been shut down, was already on the decline (there were more than 1,300 infections last spring, but fewer than 400 in April 2014, according to Symantec), there are other remote accessing tools out there."Even if there are just 100 people using Blackshades, there are another 100 using a tool with a different name that works exactly the same way," says CDT's Follow best security practices.Even worse, a webcam hack could leave a victim vulnerable to blackmail or theft of online banking passwords.

New computer security research has found that even newer PCs with built-in webcams are prone to an attack that allows hackers to remotely watch and surveil their victims.They were able to do this even without gaining root access to the computer.The paper's authors focused on older Macs, but the quoted Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) security specialist Charlie Miller saying that even newer laptops could also be hacked in such a way.According to government officials, Michael Hogue​, a 23-year-old US citizen who was arrested in 2012 as part of the feds' tangential investigation into Blackshades, codeveloped the Blackshades remote access tool (RAT).


This tool, which sold for as little as and other sites, essentially allowed buyers to act as peeping Toms on strangers' computers.The RAT even came with a prepared script demanding such a ransom." What do hackers use remote access tools for?


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