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It’s available 24 hours a day, with confidentiality and results by text within a week guaranteed.” Free of charge, free of doubt – and freeing up NHS capacity SH:24 is fully integrated with existing specialist sexual health services.It will: If someone tests positive for HIV, they will receive a text message informing them that a clinician will call them to discuss their results.Sex addiction treatment also involved medications for OCD to treat the compulsiveness of the sex addicts. SH:24 aims to modernise sexual health care by offering test kits, information and advice to residents of Southwark and Lambeth 24/7.Testing for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV – the four most common STIs – will be provided free of charge to people living in the two South London boroughs.


Today, your coverage is not quite as free and easy as it would be if you were, for example, a heroin addict, but new trials and some DSM-V changes have made the system somewhat easier to navigate.

They refute that they have a dilemma and they make rationalizations for their behaviors.

Sex addicts take risks and get involved in many different kinds of sexual activity regardless of the harmful outcomes or consequences.

The aim is to develop an easy to use, 100% free service that improves access to sexual health services – especially to those who are most at risk and don’t currently access NHS clinics.

Our approach makes it easy to scale and replicate in other areas.” Oliver Smith, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, said: “As a catalyst for innovation in healthcare, we support projects that take risks and test new ways of tackling very real health challenges.The usual activities or behaviors of sexual addicts are self-stimulation, extra marital affairs, pornography, phone sex, cyber-sex unsafe sex, obsessive dating, watching others dressing up or taking a bath, stalking, public exposure of naked body or genitals, rape, sexual harassment and molestation.


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