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The video shows Noble first draw officers’ attention when he screeched his truck’s tires in their search for an armed man.Noble pulls into a gas station, and officers order him to put both hands out of the window.His mother, who declined to watch the videos, is seeking damages from the city for her son’s death.Stuart Chandler, the attorney for Noble’s mother, Veronica Nelson, put out a statement saying that he urged the police chief to release the video Wednesday.The claim does not say how much Nelson seeks from the city.Dyer, who has asked the FBI to do its own investigation into the shooting, said he has yet to conclude if officers used excessive force.


Noble’s mother and attorney said in a claim filed with the city that the officers used excessive force, and they called the death inexcusable.After noticing them on various sites, she wrote about them on her blog last year, compiling a list of all the ways she’d been asked to say "no thanks." "I was both amused and horrified at the same time," Zulkey said of her early encounters with the tactic. ’ and you were like, ‘No thanks,’ and they said ‘Oh, you must like flavorless frosting!


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