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But in the summer, you can have a great weekend there for a fraction of what you would spend in a larger town, and the walkability, cleanliness, and proximity to wilderness (Palisades State Park is only about 30 minutes away) make it a great city to try for a few days.Plus, the local hockey and basketball teams not only sell out their games, but play in two of the cooler arenas in all of minor-league sports: the Denny Sanford Premier Center and the Sanford Pentagon.The state’s access to the freshest seafood and local produce makes the culinary offerings second to none, and there is always something happening, from hockey games at the Dunkin' Donuts Center to art gallery openings and exhibits. In fact, with a little insider knowledge, you can find all kind of fun on the cheap.Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but Providence proves that bigger isn’t always better. If you like a little culture mixed in with friendly comfort, Philly is the perfect place to visit. would say, “Party.” It’s the quintessential big-ish, small-ish city, where you will almost definitely run into people you know on a night out -- but as long as you’re not on the frat-tastic Southside, you probably won’t mind.


Pedestrian-friendly streets and amazing architecture make this city a perfect place to stroll aimlessly. Between the world-class museums -- the Barnes Foundation is a must-see -- the gorgeous parks, peaceful walking trails, rockin’ live-music scene, and excellent food and drink, you will have a blast (even on a tight budget).Which is why we tapped our crack staff of writers and editors across the country to whittle down 300-plus American cities (with populations over 90k) to the absolute 25 best for spending three days.From bars and restaurants, iconic foods, and live tunes, to museums, outdoor activities, and amazing Airbnbs (not to mention beaches, parks, and ease of getting around), we took into consideration It wasn't easy, but, in the end, we came up with a bucket list we think stands up to the test.And one we think you'll want to start working your way through right away -- 'cause, you know, there are only 40 weekends left in the year!


Must-eat/drink: Smoked pheasant, or some other wild game cooked only as South Dakotans can do it, at Parker’s Bistro Don't leave without: Walking around the entire city.

Take some time out to amble around singular museum experiences like the National World War I Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, but also set aside an evening to eat and drink your way through Westport, down next-level candlelit cocktails at Julep, devour a house-smoked brisket burger at Char Bar (it had been a few hours since you had smoked meat, you were starting to twitch), and get down on some Beard Award-winning fine dining at Bluestem, whose fried chicken-slinging farm-to-table offshoot, Rye, will leave your taste buds forever changed.


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