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Traveling on a plane can be difficult on any given day.

But taking a flight with an autistic adult or child can prove to be daunting, especially since many behaviors, such as diverting the eyes, avoiding touch, and repeating phrases that are heard or seen, can be misinterpreted or misunderstood by airline crew or security agents.

"But if you know you need something, it always recommended to request it ahead of time with one of our reservation specialists." The best thing to do is to call the airlines ahead of time and let them know your family member has special needs.

Ask whether any accommodations are available, like bulk-head or pre-boarding seating.

Many families simply avoid air travel for fear that a situation could unravel fast.

This week Donna Beegle and her autistic daughter Juliette, 15, made headlines after they were kicked off a United flight headed to Portland, Ore.


For example, Delta has a Disabilities Assistance Line.

The Department of Transportation a rundown of the rights of all disabled passengers --whether they are unable to walk or stand, have metal implants, require special medication or intellectual disabilities like autism --and the obligations of airlines.

Traveling with an autistic child or guardian is possible, but it requires some preparation and planning.

Plan the trip When booking air travel, make sure to allow more than enough time between connecting flights to navigate unfamiliar terminals and clear customs smoothly.

Before heading to the airport make sure you have the proper identification.

because of the pilot did not “feel comfortable” with her on board after a disturbance in the cabin.


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