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First, the setting and premise is fresh and surprising.There are no other shows that focus on the art world--a great was to look at art across the centuries, including contemporary aspects that I hadn't really considered art, like the journals of explorers or the handwritten notes of rock stars.But people should at least give it a try, before putting it on the stake to loosely based on the 2000 British crime comedy of the same name, starring Jason Statham and Brad Pitt, among others, which was inspired by a real London heist. Lots of drama, twists and turns, tension, and fun in this compelling new show. The 10-episode first season will premiere on Tuesday, September 6.



Best for me is the way the characters back-stories are revealed layer by layer as the series continues.At a time when start-up culture and new tech ventures, particularly in fintech and mobile payments, are arguably at their hottest, the show has a good chance at resonating with viewers.


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