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Here’s the thing that can be hard to admit: it’s you’re mad!

You’ve just been hurt deeply by someone you care about!

A Facebook post, apparently an April Fool prank, stated Dileep and Kavya were going to get married at Guruvayur temple on April 16.

Kavya played down the news through her Facebook page: “The report of my marriage which has been circulating through social networks and media in the last few days is just a creation of someone’s imagination.” “I request each of the friends who handle fake news on social network sites to let me have the freedom to tell my audience about any happy news in my life,” she added.

They want acknowledgment from their ex that the dumpee had been wronged, that their ex was an uncaring bitch, a vampire, a whore and deserves to suffer from every STD known to man.Small wonder that a relationship that lasted barely six months took me to recover from and left some unpleasant scars to go with it.


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