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I realize we've only spent a short amount of time together, but the feelings I have are so intense.

I hope you'll appreciate that I am sharing them with you, and won't feel pressured.

The main airport of Syria, I had the honor to save the life of a boy whose father, a wealthy gold Merchant decided to reward me for 75 Kilo Gold Bar in personal gifts, which I later sold to Syria investor who paid me $ 3500000 for the Gold bullion.

To do this, I want to solicit your partnership to transfer the money from Syria immediately, there area war and how soldiers are the limitations, what can I do here and I can't take the MONEY home with me, as this is not allowed, so I will need to move the money before I leave Syria to have someone very reliable and honest, as you may know now, I have no one home and I want you to act as receiver of the money. Can I count on your expertise and ability to manage a deal of this magnitude on my behalf?

I am not after a facial beauty but am after the beauty of the heart.

Dear i really need a very mature,decent and faithful woman in my life.

i will tell you more about me when we chat together.i appreciate your time and effort you spend to chat with me i hope your day is going fine with you i really do hope we get to start knowing ourselves better.I think I'm falling in love with you, and I'm not afraid to let myself go. What good is it if I can't share the excitement, the passion, the thrill with the very person I' feeling it with There are moments when the feelings are so intense, I could just burst! i have send your photo to my Son and he was very happy to have you as step mom Skype: robert.kenny24 , IP-.230 , Country: Ghana, City: Accra Kent Hugh [email protected], / , Register: Ghana , .And then there are other times, when I feel calm and peaceful, enjoying the comfort of having you with me. please be free to ask me any questions that interests you. City: Damascus Skype: col.ramos3 , IP- , Country: Ghana, City: Accra Kent I'm from Oregon USA, now in Syria, we can chat on Skype?Kent My real name is Kent Ramos Hugh, red is loud in the army, which is an abbreviation which COL (COLONEL) I attached my current passport for your consideration, still waiting for the information I asked that we move on.

Ru Dating (aka love) application 3 for Android does not verify X.509 certificates from SSL servers, which allows man-in-the-middle attackers to spoof servers and obtain sensitive information via a crafted certificate.

I am an American but I live in Eastern Europe as my family is from this area.


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    In the profile of women you will find up to 6 photographs. Thousands of Czech women and Slovak women from Eastern Europe will see your profile.

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    The internet is full of dating sites but often its hard to find the right person for you which is where Alt Scene comes in.

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    Real people from all the continents, different countries and cities are waiting for you to meet you, talk to you and go on a date with you!

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    We're not your typical dating site, that's for sure.

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    If there's one thing we know, it's that everyone has a type.

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    This new drive to experience and understand one's own sexuality—combined with the freeing nature of drugs and alcohol—created an environment wherein people felt comfortable expressing their sexuality.

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