Dating my blood related cousin

The concern is that such a marriage sometimes results in offspring that have all the bad genes of the family.This is because the genes of both parents are so similar since both parents share the same set of grandparents.Should you decide to marry and have children, your common tie is so far back that there isn't any risk to children.Q: I was helping my 6 year old with a school project creating a family tree.I will discuss your 1st cousin relationship below as it is not the same thing.The 1st cousin relationship mentioned in the laws is the child of your aunt or uncle, that is the child of your father's or mother's sibling.If the two of you are 6th cousins, this means that the common ancestor is seven generations back.From a medical and legal standpoint that is perfectly safe.

First, in most states, I believe the law is that 1st cousins cannot marry.

I wanted to add my father's father and his wife (my grandfather and grandmother never married) but my parents both told me that it was incorrect to include her in the family tree even if I listed her as a spouse of my grandfather.


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