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The small-press entrepreneur (So New Media) is also the founder of Über Personals, which he calls the "snarkiest dating site on the Web." In the interest of serving the desperately self-aware and sarcastic, Brown set out to conquer the petty cheese of larger dating services. But perhaps the confusion of absolutes that the Web offers could be a gift – a way to inspire our imaginations and break down our stereotypes: So what if he's old and crusty? Luckily for those who don't want to expand their imaginations, the increasing ubiquity of digital cameras adds an element of credibility to participants' physical descriptions.

John Grohol, the e-therapist and developer of Dr's mental health center, agrees that the possibility for integrity is there with digital photography, but that people won't always use it, and really shouldn't have to. think that a big part of the Internet is still being able to have an online identity distinct from your real-life one. Had the Internet reached a new reality, one more true to life?

Not only could you send a message to your friend via a newfangled technology dubbed “e-mail” (granted, the concept of e-mail wasn’t exactly newfangled at the time, though widespread public access to it was).

You could also join any of Compu Serve’s thousands of discussion forums to yap with thousands of other members on virtually any important subject of the day.

"I'd say I've met 80% of my Friendsters in the flesh," he writes. Jonathan Abrams will give a keynote speech Tuesday, March 16, at 2pm.

He calls Friendster's popularity "the chic side of geek": "It seems to me that the accessibility of computers in price, usability, and even style," continues Sony, a fan of Apple and Sony cyber fashion, "is the primary reason for this change." Regardless of how true-spirited Internet networking has become and how it got that way, the opportunity for role-play remains. danah boyd will participate in the Aesthetics of Social Networks panel Monday, March 15, at pm, as well as other panels.

And voila, just like that, suddenly the antisocial had become social. Though the technology of the time restricted the flexibility of these systems, and the end-user’s experience, to text-only exchanges of data that crawled along at glacial speed, BBSes continued to gain popularity throughout the ‘80s and well into the ‘90s, when the Internet truly kicked into gear.

Indeed, some services – such as Tom Jennings’ Fido Net – linked numerous BBSes together into worldwide computer networks that managed to survive the Internet revolution.

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"Relationships are a big deal to most of us, and the thought that you can find the perfect person online is enough to get most single people at least curious about it," says Johnson.


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