International dating women living in africa


‘Some people think they’ll win the next race, or pick the winning Lottery ticket.

Others don’t want to believe that someone paying them attention may not be genuine.

She answered his calls for help with bills, school fees and getting his ‘son’ out of military prison.

Police managed to trace some of the money to accounts in Nigeria and California and recovered just over £13,000. The fraudsters register with dating websites using false identities and photos of good-looking people culled from the web. They know, after all, that most members of the dating site wouldn’t be there unless they were lonely and vulnerable.

Often the victims are so embarrassed and ashamed that they don’t involve police.

Variations involving obtaining bank account details included the Nigerian letter, also known as the Nigerian bank scam or 419 fraud – named after the clause in Nigerian law dealing with fraud.

I know of two suicides which occurred as a direct result of romance scamming. Taking their own lives must have seemed easier than owning up to having got it so wrong’.


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