Keanu reeves and charlize theron dating teen dating violence awareness week

) good-bye on Monday night (May 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif. News of Charlize and Stuart Townsend’s split emerged in late January. At one point while they were waiting for their cars, Charlize slipped her hand in Keanu's jacket.Keanu, 45, and Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant. Oh, I'm sure bitch was just trying to steal his wallet or snatch his last joint. Even this video from TMZ of Charlize and Keanu hugging and kissing doesn't prove that they are High Times Magazine's IT couple of the year.TMZ has video of the two of them kissing goodnight (here) and a photo of Charlize’s arms wrapped around Keanu, under his jacket. UPDATE: More evidence — when they hugged each other goodbye, Charlize’s hands are clearly UNDER KEANU’S JACKET! As the two walked out of Bouchon restaurant, the two locked in a really snug embrace and then tenderly swapped some cheek kisses. Most likely they’re probably just affectionate friends. And an unexpected gust of wind threw her body against his?

The film is based on a film classic made in 1968 and written by Herman Raucher, and starring Anthony Newley and Sandy Dennis .

Eating a pot brownie in the bathroom of a restaurant will cause you to hug anything from a fire extinguisher to a Bush to a hobo wearing a scarf (aka Keanu Reeves). me...s Share URL=true Meanwhile in a crazy house somewhere in Canada, Karen Sala is gnawing on her straitjacket in between screaming about how Shape-Shifter Keanu Reeves has struck again!

Being Keanu Reeves' girlfriend must be the hardest thing in the world what with all of the lying that must occur like, " Yes sweetheart, you can act." Anyways, maybe they're just really good, old friends who like to cuddle while waiting for their cars Perhaps she was cold and innocently warming her hands inside his jacket?

Another guest at the upscale restaurant Bouchon, where the two were spotted, is quoted saying that Theron and Reeves enjoyed each other's company and seemed in no hurry to end their date.

The couple is said to taste several red wines before selecting a specific bottle and having some snacks before starting their meal. Until last year, Keanu was dating Parker Posey and he lost his girlfriend Jennifer Syme in a car accident in April 2001.Charlize – who split with her actor boyfriend Stuart Townsend earlier this year – and Keanu shared a series of kisses and hugs outside a restaurant.


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