Lance armstrong dating a rock star 10 years his senior


Long after he retires from sports, he says, he'll be remembered as a survivor.

Start reading Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong Note: This interview appeared in the May 2004 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.



Although I do not like Lance Armstrong I love The Tour de France and want to know as much as I can of the event and the participants.Read more8/23/2012: Saying that the toll placed on his family and foundation work is too much, Lance Armstrong announced "Enough is enough." Armstrong will not enter USADA's arbitration process which means he will lose his seven Tour de France titles and be banned from all competition for life.The six-time winner of cycling's grueling Tour de France discusses the hills and valleys of a remarkable life (and he's only 33): his fatherless childhood in small-town Texas; his life B.C.—before cancer—and after; his spartan training protocol ("Eat, sleep, ride"); his recent painful divorce and klieg-lit relationship with rock star Sheryl Crow; the phenomenon of his foundation's "Live Strong" bracelets..why, despite his upcoming retirement, "I have to win at all costs." Lance Armstrong rides again—this time, aiming for his seventh victory in the Tour de France, which begins on July 2.

In his 33 years, the cycling legend from Plano, Texas, has pedaled his way through very rocky terrain: a 1996 diagnosis of testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain; a divorce a year and a half ago from Kristin Armstrong, his wife of five years and the mother of his three children; and the relentlessly cruel gossip about his relationship with singer Sheryl Crow (people accused him of leaving his wife for a rock star, but he and Kristin had already publicly split).

Now I just want to read how he dealt with the cancer and I know a lot of the names and persons he is talking about which makes it more update this journal while reading. I tried to read this story with an open mind but after the first 2 chapters the way this guy is ranting, it made me sick. I can't tell you how satisfying it is for me to see this bully finally got his come uppance.


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