Masaki aiba dating

There’s a bunch of stuff written so I’ll just summarize the basics of what they said about each person. For Arashi as a group, the AV actress Aya committed suicide in 2010 and afterwards, tabloids reported like crazy that she slept with all of the Arashi members except Sho, who absolutely hated her.

I’m sure everyone already knows about Aiba’s half-naked leaked photos with model Yamano Yuri, and the purikura he took with her that says “we got married!

They didn’t say anything about Sasaki Nozomi, though.

Ohno pretty much doesn’t talk to people much, and probably just wants to fish all the time.


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“Just say yes,” Aiba purrs, his breath hot against his ear; Jun is torn between punching him and tugging him up to kiss him just to shut him up, but Sho is on the other side of him, equally nipping and licking his other ear and that’s just makes it more difficult to decide, to think.


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