Med student online dating

It’s hard to be a first-year fretting about your regular exams while your second-year significant other is stressing about their USMLE exam.You also get the joy of dealing with a third-year schedule not once, but twice in your relationship.“It’s been growing in success since we started it four years ago,” said Karen Eberhart, a second-year medical student and the class-elected representative for the Association of American Medical Colleges.“We got the ‘speed dating’ idea from the national AAMC conference, and it’s a great way to provide a resource of intimate guidance for students.” Most of the professionals, who were either seasoned medical speed-daters or fresh representation, began by introducing themselves and illustrating “a day in the life” in their field.The students were encouraged to ask questions about hours, salary, life outside of work, and the benefits of that chosen path.For some of the students, like second-year Bob Seifert, it was the prime opportunity to pick faculty members’ brains.Students picked their top two choices upon registering to ensure they could meet with the physician whose specialty they were most interested in.This year, the event also focused non-clinical career options to provide exposure to practicing clinical medicine. O., spoke about his experience as a medical correspondent for WESH 2 News.



She's also worked for Kaplan in content development and teacher mentorship roles. Any significant others/spouses of med students/residents/etc. ) because I realized that Stephen's love and support was unconditional. But in case I've scared any potential future medical students, the bright side is that things do get better (well, after the first two years of medical school at least... And ultimately, being in medical school actually strengthened our relationship (we got married at the beginning of third year!Emily is currently a fourth-year medical student at the University of Colorado and is hoping to go into Pediatrics.

She's involved in many campus opportunities such as being a Prospective Student Representative, admissions committee member, CU-UNITE member, and co-president of the Education and Teaching Interest Group.Pros: You get to interact with people outside of medical school!


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