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Rourke's film debut was a small role in Steven Spielberg's film 1941.

However, it was his portrayal of an arsonist in Body Heat that garnered significant attention, despite his modest time on screen.

Rourke's acting career eventually became overshadowed by his personal life and career decisions.

Directors such as Alan Parker found it difficult to work with him.

In 1991, Rourke, who had trained as a boxer in his early years, left acting and became a professional boxer for a period.

He had supporting roles in several later films, including The Rainmaker, Buffalo '66, The Pledge, Get Carter, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Man on Fire.

Parker stated that "working with Mickey is a nightmare.

He is very dangerous on the set because you never know what he is going to do." Boxing promoters said that Rourke was too old to succeed against top-level fighters.

There, he graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School in 1971.

Around the same time he also wrote his first screenplay, Homeboy, a boxing tale in which he starred.

In 1989, Rourke starred in the docu-drama Francesco, portraying St. This was followed by Wild Orchid, another critically panned film, which gained him a nomination for a Razzie award (also for Desperate Hours).

In 1991, he starred in the box office bomb Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man as Harley Davidson, a biker whose best friend, Marlboro, was played by Don Johnson.

In his last role before departing for the boxing ring, Rourke played an arms dealer chased by Willem Dafoe and Samuel Jackson in White Sands, a film noir which reviewers found to be stylish but incoherent.He mostly appeared in television films in his early career.



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