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Our community is full of men and women who want to get out there and enjoy their golden years. You will quickly learn that when you talk with the members of our community, Mature Dating is not like other boring dating sites and our members have some pretty exciting ideas up their sleeves.We expect substantial growth to continue with this group across both properties."Internal research has illuminated interesting differences between singles over 50 and younger demographics, including: Those surveyed are more interested in companionship and long-term relationships than in marriage, in contrast to younger groups; At the same time, women in this group are more traditional in their thinking when it comes to online dating - they prefer to be asked out rather than make the first move; and Singles over 50 tend to be considerably happier than their younger counterparts and, on the whole, experience less stress about their personal lives."Much of the pressure of parental expectations, child-rearing and career has lessened or is gone by this stage in people's lives," said Dr.


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    Sometimes, users may not want applications to update on their own, however, and happens when they wish the app to stay at a particular version in cases of incompatibility or when the user just plain hates the new update for whatever reason.

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    Terry Hildebrandt, Ph D, PCC is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing coaching, facilitation, and organization development consulting.

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