Psych james roday dating

Hearing that it is coming to an end has ruined my year. And thanks for all the good memories too all of you at Psych. I know you know they just don't have any proof Embrace the deception, learn how to bend You're worst inhibitions, They will 'Psych' you out in the end. USA used to be the summer and mid season network to go and although there are still a couple of fairly good shows on schedule (Graceland is not one of them) the network is fading out quite fast. Either that or a funny Thelma&Louise-kind-of final scene.

It worries me that they only now announced that it's the final season, because it almost sounds like the decision was just made, after filming was complete.

) guest spot because it will be the perfect message to the now unbearably shi!! Not that we want the show to end, but we want a series finale that actually feels like a series finale, not a season finale.


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