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However before we start playing hide and seek, I want to show you how to make the hidden rows and columns visible again! 'If you want to search the entire worksheet, you write 'e.g. You can do that by putting VBA code into the worksheet's own code sheet. We use the standard procedure "Worksheet_Change", which is called automatically when something changes in the worksheet.The following example uses Excel's search function in a given range - here column B, but that can easily be changed. If you cannot see the worksheets code sheet in the VBA editor press CTRL R to open Project Explorer: The following Worksheet_Change procedures must be in the worksheet's code sheet to work.'In the example all hidden rows are made visible, 'if cell A1 gets a value of 0 (zero).


So I had a similar error when I was trying to create a VBA script to refresh an excel workbook automatically at a given time, and there were a few things that I did in my VBA script to get this to work. That could be your issue and you can easily do disable it by going to your connection properties and disabling background refreshing. Close Next i To get the connection name there are a few ways, including just looking to see what it is manually.

Sub Show Debug Dialog() Dim x As Integer Dim i As Integer, j As Integer Dim awc As Workbook Connection Dim c As OLEDBConnection For i = 1 To Active Workbook. When this resulted in an error, I manually triggered the refresh of each connection through the prompts, with the same issues.


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