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Fused Glass Techniques - This page will home links to DVDs, books and e-books that will assist you in learning the fused glass projects and information.Beginner Fusing Glass Class DVD - If you are just starting out on your fused glass adventure this is the DVD you have been looking for! Beginner Fused Glass Class Book - Do you want to learn how to fuse glass?The page on Art Glass Supplies will assist you in your search for just the right supplier for all your art and crafts supplies.From kilns to all the essential supplies, these sites can aid you in getting started and continuing your adventure.Read and review what others have to say about fabulous fused glass stores and classes around the world." I wanted to tell you that this is an awesome website full of great information and very user friendly.Have you taken a class, or been to an incredible warm glass store?


Beginner Fused Glass Class E-Book - Do you want to learn how to make fused glass?

I hope these pages will help you, and spare you hours of web searching aggravation.

The easiest way to learn warm glass or slumping, is to just take it slow and move through the information at your own pace.

Beyond the Basics DVD - The DVD, "Beyond the Basics" covers beginner projects.

Once you have an understanding of the fusing process, this DVD will assist you in learning some easy projects.

Are you new to fused glass or interested in learning different techniques? This page will provide you with DVDs and books for every level.


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