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At Pride 6/26 Manifestation to celebrate the historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing Same Sex Marriage!

6/27 Under the Sea Prom at The Cure Lounge & Bar Ministry 7/3 Bar Ministry & Bingo Promotion at Play Louisville 7/5 Sister Bingo! Sisters Mary O & Cordelia attended the Magic City Sisters Red Dress Bal 8/2 Sister Bingo!


we're hiring Event Organizers to run events for a variety of age ranges in Massachusetts If you have what it takes to make a great party, Click Here to apply!

We are a very busy group of nuns and enjoy our time serving the community. During our time as a House we’ve also developed some yearly traditions, such as our annual Pub Crawl each Easter, as well as attending and hosting annual events in Louisville.

If you’d like some Sisters to show up to your event, or you’d like to partner with our organization send details to [email protected]!

Benefitting the Fairness Campaign 1/8 Sister Karaoke at Tryangles 1/15 MAP Louisville 1/17 One of our friends Aaron Goldenschuh donated his birthday party to Derby City Sisters by hosting a pub crawl and raising funds.


He donated over 0 raised personally by him and his friends to our organization. 2/12 Sister Karaoke at Tryangles 2/19 & 2/20 The Derby City Sisters once again hosted Speed Dating at North American Bear Weekend hosted by the Kentucky Bourbon Bears.

4/22 Bar Ministry at Tryangles and The Cure Lounge 4/25 Bar Ministry and Party at The Cure Lounge 5/2 Kentucky Derby Bar Ministry at Play Louisville 5/3 Sister Bingo!



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