Taiwan dating tips

If marrying in Taiwan is too remote a possibility to consider, it might be more helpful to think about how Taiwanese attitudes toward women can inform casual dating.Every culture has a set of “desirable” feminine traits it prescribes for women, and Taiwan is no different.Be careful not to take this too far, but realize that she will only respect you if she knows you wear the pants in the relationship.Taiwanese women don't want a meek and mild man who they boss around, you need to take control and lead the relationship forwards in the right direction.Women in Chinese societies occupy a lower social status than men, and unfortunately this is still evident in the way that families are structured in Taiwan.According to traditional Chinese customs, a married woman has to move from her parent’s house to that of her husband’s parents, where she is expected to perform a subservient role in her husband’s family.The most striking thing about expat culture in Taiwan is the many relationships between Western men and Taiwanese women, in contrast to the other way around–Western women with Taiwanese men.


Numerous factors account for this, many of which I don’t fully understand myself.Sky-high property prices in Taiwan make it difficult for young couples to move out on their own, which often causes married couples to live with two or three generations of family members in one apartment.As it is almost unheard of for a man to move in with his wife’s family, the burden of living with in-laws more often than not falls on women.I cover all this and more, so check out my Asian Seduction System.

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Depending on the experience of the woman, you want to move at a different speed with your seduction.



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