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“U need to be in the house and not running the streets with ur friends.. suck it up girl,” one person wrote to Lowry, who replied with, “They’re with their dad but thanks for the advice a**hole.” Lowry recently wrote a book where she discussed some of their issues, but Javi wanted to write his own book about the marriage, sharing that it was a tell-all book about Kailyn.

On her blog, Kailyn opened up about her divorce in hopes of clearing up some rumors earlier this year.

Lowry may have experienced something in regards to Javi or Jo Rivera, where they may have forgotten about her, but she’s now revealing that she doesn’t want to make an effort with someone who doesn’t make an effort with her.

“I don’t wanna be anyone’s after thought,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter this week, revealing that she now has some high standards when it comes to her next relationship.

This week, Lowry was home alone and she was relaxing, enjoying the silence.

“Another night in the house,” Kailyn Lowry revealed about her current situation, which sparked some harsh comments about how she needs to be a hands-on mother to her two sons.

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And it sounds like Kailyn may be faced with some criticism once again, as her vague tweets are often interpreted to be about her ex-husband.

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