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The reason I am taking time to write this is that while I felt or experienced the strict adherence to procedures and rules for handling paperwork I also received understanding and compassion to help our client.The balance of procedures, compassion and common sense has become unusual in the financial industry.Developing lateral capacity is a powerful strategy for improvement.We learn best from our peers and colleagues when we are in an environment where there is an ongoing, purposeful exchange between teachers and therapists.” *This website is a record of a constantly evolving partnership.Learn More If you are having problems with getting around in your bathroom give us a call to learn about the different options we can offer.Let us install a porch lift or a ramp for easy access to and from your home.


She was kind and professional and worked to solve the problem and not just pass me off.

Decision making around service options, duration, mode and content is a team effort.

A variety of service options is available, and services will be considered based on need.

Learn More We recently had Modern Solutions remodel our master bathroom, hall bathroom, and kitchen.


We couldn't be happier with the quality and thoroughness of the work performed.

Learn More Modern Solutions LLC can repair many different surfaces and materials.



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