Updating a hyperlink in iweb


But when the linked worksheet is pulled up, I want to populate the designated field with some text.

The text will change depending on the hyperlink selected, but all the links will connect to the same worksheet and the same field. Yes, this can be done by utilizing macros on two Excel workbook "events". Download Excel spreadsheet (as demonstrated below) In our spreadsheet, there are two sheets called Hyperlinks and Destination.

If you were around (and paying attention) back when the World Wide Web was in its infancy, you heard a lot about the exciting possibilities of hypertext, which is the basis for the Web.

When you surf the Web with your Web browser, the http that begins the URL displayed in your browsers address bar or status bar stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and HTML, the language used for Web pages, is Hypertext Markup Language.

oldtext = "\topscan-server" newtext = "\ts-sbs" ' Check all hyperlinks on active sheet.

A hyperlink is defined as an icon, graphic, or word in a file that, when clicked on with the mouse, automatically opens another file for viewing.

It contains hyperlinks that, when clicked, instantly transport you somewhere elseanother point in the same document or Web page or another document or Web page.Name = "Hyperlinks" Then 'Capture last active cell on Hyperlinks worksheet and store in global variable GSource Cell = Target.



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