Updating sprint phone

As always hit up the relevant links for your carrier for any changes like APN adjustments etc: – Sprint Source – Original Thread – Verizon Source – T-Mobile Source – AT&T Source Update – It did not take long for it to expand to other variants.The Verizon Note7 has also been rooted using the same below leaked build.



It includes many more binaries than the stock ROM for debugging purposes.

A network update also assists you to place a call when your phone roams off your network.

If you know how to use the handset on your Sprint device, you can update its network settings via your preferred roaming list (PRL).

This comes with a side benefit, you will not trip Knox either.

Further, there is a lengthy process to getting this build on your phone which involves usage of ODIN, ADB and following a series of very specific instructions.As always, it is highly likely that you could wind up into a non-booting state if you fail to follow the instructions precisely so read through it a number of times prior to flashing.



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