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Regarding Friends and the Vuze HD Network, we’ll follow-up in the next few days with some more detail on our plans in these areas.Huge thanks to those of you that reached out to us on the issues you were seeing.We’re a lean team here at Vuze, and its very helpful to get your immediate feedback on new releases.For additional support with, please check out the Vuze Forums.With this release, we focused more time on removing features than adding features.It’s a useful exercise for any product that’s been around since 2007, and has been downloaded over 70 million times. Our first job was to significantly clean up the search experience.


The key is to develop functionality that adds value, and to deliver this value in an elegant way (both in terms of user experience and resource usage). Upgrade timeframe: Vuze 4.3 is a required update due to some significant back-end infrastructure changes that Vuze will be making by the end of November.

And for those of you who leveraged Friends to take advantage of faster downloads through Friend Boost, expect to see some alternatives for faster downloads in the not so distant future.

Connecting with Friends should not be a prerequisite to faster download.

Vuze even lets you control your torrent downloads from a web interface. Mac-native, it's a fast and accessible file sharing solution.

Vuze even lets you control your torrent downloads from a web interface.It is also riddled with ads in the attempt to get you to purchase Vuze Plus.


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