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Pick up 1 size 11 galvanzied gold bead (A) and slide it down about 8 inches from the end of the thread. Bring the needle up on the front side of the hoop, and pass back through the bead in the opposite direction that you strung it.Hold the bead between your fingers and gently pull the thread to take up its slack (but don't pull it through so far that you shorten the 8-inch thread tail).In this free tutorial, we make them into elegant earrings. For an arms span, pull the thread out away from the spool as wide as your arms will go.Be sure to cut the Fire Line with a sharp craft knife or children's craft scissors; it is too strong to cut with most regular beading scissors.You can use brick stitch to weave rows of beads on the insides of ready made metal hoops.The embellished circles make beautiful earring drops and pendants.



Weave-in the thread by passing down and up through the beadwork several times, and keeping the thread pulled taut.

To make earrings just like the ones in the example, make sure that the total number of beads you have is divisible by 3.



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